Waikato Data Portal

Introducing the Proposed Waikato Data Portal

Councils sit on a wealth of data and information.  If this information was made available in a customer-oriented fashion, it would assist the community, stakeholders and investors to carry out their business, and enable users to access council information in a more self-determined way.

Objective: To investigate the viability of providing a single location for customers to access spatial and non-spatial data in the Waikato.


What are we aiming to provide?

A single platform through which spatial and other data across the region can be accessed. This will create clarity around the data that is available, provide a means to access it, and identify who the responsible parties are.  It could also provide a regional channel for communication with customers and be a key tool in understanding customer demand and the value of different data.


What kind of data could be available?

Councils hold a variety of data, ranging from District Planning Zones to underground utilities.  Listed below are just some of the datasets that could be made available on a Waikato Data Portal:

3 Waters Utilities
Property Boundaries
Aerial Photography
Contours & LiDAR
Planning Zones
Recreational facilities
Rating Units



  • Waikato Data
  • Structured Framework
  • Latest Technology
  • Web browser platform
  • Search capabilities
  • Multiple formats
  • Downloadable data
  • Up-to-date information
  • Free access 24/7



  • Easy access via the web
  • Instant access to data
  • No download costs
  • Single point of entry
  • Customer support
  • High value public data
  • Smart Device friendly
  • No waiting
  • Intuitive Help


How can I get involved?

We are looking for people in the community to get involved and help us shape this proposed new online tool.  If you frequently work with council related data or would like to be involved in developing a possible new data delivery mechanism, then click the link below to get involved.  By registering your involvement, you will receive a monthly newsletter, have the option to attend workshops, and be able to provide your feedback.

Register at www.waikatolass.co.nz/register


Participating Organisations

Participating Organisations