Resource Consent Planning

The purpose of this project is to align the resource consenting processes being used across the Waikato region, so that they are more customer friendly.

A toolkit has been developed, and is in the process of being implemented by all of the WLASS councils (except for Otorohanga and Taupo).  The project is being managed by the Waikato Resource Consent Forum, comprising senior Planning Managers from the nine participating councils.

A single resource consent application form has been developed, which will be used by all of the participating councils.  Standardised decision letters will be sent to all applicants, providing the outcome of the application, reasons, conditions, and advice notes, in a form that is user friendly, clear and concise.

A resource consent application guide, with checklists for all of the information required, will be available from each of the participating Councils.

When fully implemented, this project will provide greater certainty, familiarity, transparency and efficiency in the resource consent process.  Documents, processes and guidance will be aligned across the Waikato region.  Customers will know exactly what they can expect, allowing them to have confidence, because they understand what is involved in the process.

These changes do not undermine the statutory process set out in the RMA for processing resource consents, nor will they in any way detrimentally affect the participating councils’ ability to make sound resource management decisions.

Participating Organisations

Participating Organisations